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Move Out of Stuck with Alice McCall
Live Event Sunday, December 28th 3-4pm CT / 4-5pm ET
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Free transformative healing meditation.

Feeling stuck is not a pleasant feeling – so discover and transform the root cause!

Propel your life with forward movement – and move out of stuck!

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Kick off 2015 with these events!

Jan 13

Energetic Liver & Digestive Cleanse with Alice McCall – 6-7pm – $15  Through a guided healing meditation restore and cleanse your digestive tract and liver.  Holidays put extra stress on our digestive processes – address and reverse these concerns.   Reservations Required.  Email / call 850-585-5496.


Jan 22

Aura Cleanse with Alice McCall – 6-7pm $15  Cleanse and repair all layers of your auric fields in this guided healing meditation.  Introduce stable and enhanced energies to your aura profile – boosting all parts of you mind, body, and spirit.  Reservations Required.  Email / call 850-585-5496.


Jan 31

Advanced Ascension Work with Alice McCall; 9:30am-12:30pm; Ongoing bi-monthly work. Understand the pathway to your spiritual growth and the ongoing planetary changes. Supportive of personal and global transformation.  $55; Teleconference; Reservations Required. Email / call 850-585-5496

December Events

All times listed at Central.

Dec 9

Upper Chakra Cleanse with Alice McCall – 6-7pm $15 Transform your ear, third eye, and crown chakras in this advanced, guided work..  Your chakras need to be maintained regularly to ensure optimum energy, wisdom, health, intuition. Reservations Required. Email / call 850-585-5496.


Dec 21

Winter Solstice with Alice McCall – 3-4:30pm $20 Harness the powerful, special energy of the Solstice to support you for the year ahead. .  Reservations Required.  Email / call 850-585-5496.


Dec 28

Free Event with Alice McCall – 3-4pm ‘Move out of Stuck’ will guide you to transform the stagnate areas of your life – to discover the cause and remove it from your way of being. Reservations Required.  Email / call 850-585-5496.


Alice McCall at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hendersonville 10/16

Personal Growth Forum

The Power of Past Lives


Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hendersonville
October 16th 7-8:30pm


Understand how your past lives can impact you present wellness and be an inhibiting factor to your present life and spiritual growth.

During this thought provoking and  mind-expanding talk, Alice McCall will share how the root cause of disease, health and emotional issues, as well as unwanted life patterns can stem from unresolved past life experiences.  This work was a key component of her successful self-healing of breast cancer in 2007.

Alice will share actual case studies from her work (such as M.S. and Lymphoma) with before and after medical records, where the only healing component was transforming past life issues.  She will also discuss the spiritual implications of healing past lives and the relationship between mind/body/spirit. Alice will close with a guided meditation aimed at discovering any past live issues that need to be addressed.

Alice McCall (BS Psychology, MBA, Certified Hypnotist) is a Cellular Level Healing Consultant, Inspirational Speaker, and Author. She works with the mind, emotion, and spiritual connection to the body in her practice.  Assisting with serious health issues is her specialty. For more information on her practice and her popular book Wellness Wisdom, inspired by her own self-healing journey with breast cancer visit

Novemeber Events

All times listed are Central US.


Nov 4 – (Tuesday)

Chakra Cleanse with Alice McCall – 6-7pm $15 Transform your heart and throat chakras in this advanced, guided work..  Your chakras need to be maintained regularly to ensure optimum energy, wisdom, health, intuition. Reservations Required. Email / call 850-585-5496


Nov 13th –

Future Lives Workshop with Alice McCall – 6-7:30pm. $20  Explore what we perceive as future lives to learn more about ourselves, heal ourselves, and embrace our soul’s evolution.  Leading edge content.   Reservations Required. Email / call 850-585-5496


Nov 23rd – (Sunday)

Self Mastery Meditation with Alice McCall – – 3-4pm $15  Discover and transform what is limiting you from self-mastery of your thoughts/emotions every day.  Important for health and spiritual advancement.  Reservations Required.  Email / call 850-585-

What Can Chakra Work Do For You?

Hi everyone!

I am happy to share with each of you that my Healing Path website got an update last week.  I hope you enjoy the new look of the website.

Also, I will be returning to South Florida soon.  That means I am looking forward to seeing all my Lake Worth friends again – and am winding down my time in Hendersonville.  All October events will take place in North Carolina, attend in person if you are able!

What is the next event?  A chakra cleanse, focused on our lower chakras!

(Live Event Sunday, September 28th, 3-4pm CT / 4-5pm ET – $15)


Throughout most of our life, we predominately live through our lower chakras – and it stores so much our negative density along the way.


What can you do for your chakras and well-being?
Make sure you attend events like this one for advanced ‘maintenance’ work.   Together we will do more than just cleanse, heal, and tune up your lower chakras – we will uplift the vibration of your lower chakras, aligning them with the crystalline transition of your body.  You will feel the difference!

Further, this work will seriously aid in your personal ascension process, as we want to live in our higher mind, not our lower.
Love & Light

Reminder – events can be attended so many different ways!  Event attendance is welcome at my healing space in Hendersonville, live via teleconference, or via recorded teleconference call.  Reply to this email to RSVP, and let me know your attendance preference.  Email to learn more!

Upcoming Events!


Chakra Cleanse

Live Event Sunday, September 28th, 3-4pm CT / 4-5pm ET – $15
Clear and tune-up your root, sacral, solar plexus chakras in this guided healing meditation.  A special vibrational uplift for each chakra will be included!
Advanced Ascension Work
Live Event Saturday, October 4th 9:30am-12:30pm CT / 10:30am-1:30pm ET $55
Ongoing bi-monthly work. Move up your spiritual pathway to higher consciousness while learning about and supporting planetary changes.

Total Lunar Eclipse
Live Event Wednesday, October 8th 6-7:30pm CT/ 7-8:30pm ET $20
A guided healing meditation that will leverage this eclipse’s energy of change: relationships, home, emotional needs, human awakening and freedom.

Anti-Inflammatory Healing and Prevention
Live Event Tuesday, October 14th 6-7pm CT/ 7-8pm ET $15
Address and heal two sources of inflammation in the body – our buried inflamed emotions and the food we eat.

Solar Eclipse Event
Live Event Thursday, October 23rd 6-7:30pm CT/ 7-8:30pm ET $20
Refocus your manifestation abilities by becoming aligned with this astrological event’s powerful energies. Helpful in creating the life you want in the present moment.

Future Lives – Your Soul’s Song

Part three is on Thursday, September 18th, and I hope that you will attend to continue this important work.

‘Future Lives 3 – Your Soul’s Song’ Live Event is Thursday, September 18th – 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET – $20)

In the first event we connected to the future life that offered an ability to see the next progression for us based on where we currently are in our journey.

In the second event we connected with a future life where we exist in a higher dimension living with an evolved consciousness/way of being. Along with how our Oversoul has 12 parts and that our current lifetime represents only one of them.

So what does the third event hold? Together we will bring all these pieces to a more personal level – diving into the uniqueness of your soul and its perfect frequency. We will discuss and experience, while in a meditative state, a future life experience where you claimed and perfected your unique soul’s song. It will also be an experience where you can learn more about your telepathic and clairsentience skills. There is much for you to learn in this future life – much to incorporate into the present.

Imagine living, right now, as the perfection of your soul’s song!

I hope you will join me for more leading edge work. Like with the prior two events, this will be the first time working with these concepts!

I look forward to continuing this new, expanding work with you. Email to RSVP, and share whether you are able to join in-person in Hendersonville, live via teleconference, or want to listen to the event recording.

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