Future Lives – Your Soul’s Song

Part three is on Thursday, September 18th, and I hope that you will attend to continue this important work.

‘Future Lives 3 – Your Soul’s Song’ Live Event is Thursday, September 18th – 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET – $20)

In the first event we connected to the future life that offered an ability to see the next progression for us based on where we currently are in our journey.

In the second event we connected with a future life where we exist in a higher dimension living with an evolved consciousness/way of being. Along with how our Oversoul has 12 parts and that our current lifetime represents only one of them.

So what does the third event hold? Together we will bring all these pieces to a more personal level – diving into the uniqueness of your soul and its perfect frequency. We will discuss and experience, while in a meditative state, a future life experience where you claimed and perfected your unique soul’s song. It will also be an experience where you can learn more about your telepathic and clairsentience skills. There is much for you to learn in this future life – much to incorporate into the present.

Imagine living, right now, as the perfection of your soul’s song!

I hope you will join me for more leading edge work. Like with the prior two events, this will be the first time working with these concepts!

I look forward to continuing this new, expanding work with you. Email alice@healingpath.info to RSVP, and share whether you are able to join in-person in Hendersonville, live via teleconference, or want to listen to the event recording.

Upcoming Phone Events

Times are listed in the Central time zone – to learn more visit http://www.healingpath.info

Oct 14 –
Anti-Inflammatory Healing and Prevention – 6-7pm $15 A guided meditation with Alice McCall to address and heal two sources of inflammation in the body – our buried inflamed emotions and the food we eat. Reservations Required. Email alice@healingpath.info / call 850-585-5496

Oct 23 –
Solar Eclipse Event with Alice McCall. 6-7:30pm. $20 Refocus your manifestation abilities by becoming aligned with this astrological event’s powerful energies. Helpful in creating the life you want in the present moment. Reservations Required. Email alice@healingpath.info / call 850-585-5496

Nov 4 –
Chakra Cleanse with Alice McCall – 6-7pm $15 Transform your heart and throat chakras in this advanced, guided work.. Your chakras need to be maintained regularly to ensure optimum energy, wisdom, health, intuition. Reservations Required. Email alice@healingpath.info / call 850-585-5496

Alice McCall returns to the Salt Spa in Asheville

Saturday, September 13, 6-8pm – $45
At the Salt Spa, Asheville
473 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC 28803

RSVP is required – contact Alice at alice@healingpath.info or 850-585-5496 to learn more.

Energy Boost Healing Event with Alice McCall

Does your energy level seem low more often than before? Do you often feel sluggish or unmotivated? Is it difficult to accomplish all that you used to each day?

If you feel this way, you are not alone. Many are experiencing a need for more vital energy.

Alice McCall is returning to the Salt Spa after rave reviews from her recent ‘Moving from Limitation to Co-Creation’ event. Her healing work is very potent and effective. In ‘Energy Boost’ she will focus her cellular level healing work on your adrenals, thyroid, blood and more – enabling you to enjoy all that your life has to offer with high levels of positive energy.

Need an energy boost? This healing event will put your body back into optimum operation by working from the cellular level of your body and is supported by the Salt Spa experience.

Alice McCall holds a BS Psychology, MBA, Certification in Hypnosis & Reiki, is a Light Shaman, and a Spiritual Ascension Specialist. She works at the cellular level to achieve transformation in health and emotional issues as well as unwanted life patterns. Her successes include her own self-healing of breast cancer, as well as client cases of multiple sclerosis, stage 3 lymphoma, stage 4 kidney failure, bipolar disorder, respiratory disorders, and more. She works with clients all over the world via phone/Skype, and locally in Hendersonville, NC. Workshops and monthly guided healing meditations are available in person and via teleconference.

“It is my passion to introduce others to their own inner healing technology, bringing transformative change to their whole being, including upward momentum on their spiritual path.”

September Events

Sept 9

Energetic Kick Start for Weight Loss – 6-7pm $15 A guided meditation with Alice McCall to address the energetic and emotional blocks for a healthier you.  Create the healthy, motivated headspace needed to have the physique you want. Reservations Required.  Email alice@healingpath.info / call 850-585-5496



Sept 22

Equinox Event with Alice McCall – 6-7:30pm $20 Leverage the powerful planetary changes to benefit your spiritual advancement while in a deep cellular healing meditation. Reservations Required.  Email alice@healingpath.info / call 850-585-5496



Sept 28

Chakra Cleanse with Alice McCall – 3-4pm.  $15 – Clear and tune-up your root, sacral, solar plexus chakras in this guided healing meditation.  Chakra maintenance is important for your health and sense of well-being.  Reservations Required.  Email alice@healingpath.info / call 850-585-5496



Tips for Using Intention Daily!

Intention sets the tone and direction for everything. 

If you intend that it is going to be a good day, it usually is.  Why don’t we consciously use intention on an ongoing basis?

We may just forget to use intention – and don’t work towards reinforcing it as a positive habit.  Many of us may look at intention as a way of manifesting something important, but forget it’s impact as a daily tool.

It is my experience, when I use intention everyday my days always go much smoother.  It only takes a couple of minutes to include intention in your routine – and the benefits are far reaching.

Start each day with 2-3 minutes of intention work.  Focus on what you would like to change in your life or change about yourself.  Use intention to focus your goals and create new ones.

One of my clients felt that their relationships were always difficult.  After doing work to reprogram that belief at a deep subconscious / unconscious level, I recommended that he start each morning with intention.  To greet each morning with something like “I intend that today all my relationships and interactions with others are harmonious and mutually supportive.”

He was setting the tone and direction of each day. I also suggested that if  he was going to talk with someone who had been typically difficult, that he intend  a good rapport before a conversation was struck up.

Daily intention helped set the tone – the direction for this client.  It served as a stepping stone to continue to address and fix a problem that affected his life.  And it can have the same affect in your life!

Think through the changes you’d like to see in your life and the world at large.  Then focus on how to bring about those changes.  Focus on the goals with clarity and with positive outcomes.  Use intentions as a daily tool to propel the life you want – the life you desire.

To learn more or to address if you have buried issues that need to be cleared – please contact me.

Alice is North Carolina Bound!

Hello Carolina Friends!

I am so excited to share that I am about to have an extended stay in North Carolina. I will be there early July through early September, offering in-person sessions and hosting events at my healing space in Hendersonville. I look forward to seeing you!

I am looking forward to spending time hiking and absorbing the great vibration from the waterfalls, and I look forward to various friend excursions.

If you want to schedule a session during this stay, please don’t wait till the last minute to do so. It looks like my days will fill up quickly, and I want to ensure that I am able to see each of you while I’m here.

My email (alice@healingpath.info) and my phone (850-585-5496) are always open to you.
Upcoming Events in Hendersonville!
July events are listed below – August events will be shared at a later time..

Respiratory Tract Healing Meditation
Live Event Tuesday, July 8th – 7-8pm ET – $15
A prevention, maintenance, & healing experience. Our breath is our vital life force. The event includes work focused on both physical healing and prevention. Transform what might be limiting your full life force’s ability to flow into your body through your breath. Breathe easily, fully, and joyfully. This meditation will open you up for full health and vitality.

Future Lives Workshop – Part One
Live Event Thursday, July 17th – 7-8:30pm ET – $20
Explore what we perceive as future lives to learn more about ourselves, heal ourselves, and embrace our soul’s evolution. Experience an energetic doorway to your Divine self to understand your soul’s path. It’s a leading edge approach to healing and propelling forward on our spiritual path. (The first of a four part series.)

Mood Elevating Meditation
Live Event Sunday, July 27th – 4-5pm ET – $15
Have ongoing patterns of moodiness or depression? Experiencing periodic lack of motivation or sluggishness? Do you feel out of sorts or not like yourself from time to time? This healing meditation will offer transformation in these areas – helping to lift and stabilize your mood. Good for prevention as well as healing.

FREE EVENT: The Importance of Allowing
Live Event Thursday, July 31st – 7-8pm ET
Learn how to allow others to be as they are – avoiding stress in relationships and daily life. Learn how to live in ‘allowing’. Includes a guided healing meditation. Free and open to the public – but there will be limited seating so please RSVP.

Reminder – events can be attended so many different ways! Event attendance is welcome at my healing space in Hendersonville, live via teleconference, or via recorded teleconference call. Reply to this email to RSVP, and let me know your attendance preference.

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