Newsletter for April

Hi everyone! 

I am so excited to share with you the official release of my new website:  This is a brand new website in support of my book Wellness Wisdom.  It includes detailed information about the book, my journey, and Cellular Level Healing.  This has been a work in progress for a while, and I am very excited to be able to finally share it with each of you.  (Just to be clear, I am keeping – and will continue to update it.  It will remain my primary website for my practice – the new site is to help me market other aspects like the book and being an events speaker.)

Also, to support my new website and its main purpose to get more publicity for Wellness Wisdom I am slowly venturing into the world of social media.  The first step has been to set up a blog (  and a few connecting social sites.  In case you are interested in joining me on any of this sites, please see all the way to the bottom of this email for a list of direct links.  More social sites will be added in the near future – and I am looking forward to connecting with you through this new medium.

Since we are now in the beginnings of April I’ve updated my Inspirational Thought.  I hope that “Living Grace” speaks to you! 

April is also very special to me, as it marks Keta’s 13th birthday.  I put two new photos of her up in the news section to commemorate the special occasion.

And I had a great surprise! One of my articles was posted in the popular Oracle 20/20 magazine.  You can see it by following this link; look for it on page 28.

Don’t forget to register for my upcoming events!  See the full event listings anytime here: 
4/17 Guided Healing Meditation, Hendersonville, NC
4/27 Free Talk at Earth Fare, South Asheville, NC
5/15 Guided Healing Meditation via teleconference
5/24 The Missing Link to Manifestation via teleconference
5/29 Guided Healing Meditation, Hendersonville, NC
6/4 Chakra Retreat, Hendersonville, NC

Feel free to share any of these links or information, including my new website:

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and enthusiasm!

Love & Light


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