Living Grace by Alice McCall

Living Grace

Have you ever looked up the definition of ‘grace’ in the dictionary?  It consists of three distinct concepts: 1 beauty of movement or form, 2 mercy and clemency, and 3 divine love and protection.

I have long had a fondness for looking words up in the dictionary to better understand their true meaning.  Since we energetically create with our thoughts and words, this understanding helps me use the best words possible.  It is not a coincidence that the definition of ‘grace’ includes all three of these elements.  Each is important to help us embody and exemplify living in grace within our daily lives.

The three elements of ‘grace’ as concepts for self-mastery:

1.) Beauty of Movement or Form
I like to think about it this way:  When one goes through life gracefully, they are never out of step with the beauty that is within each moment and within the form of their life’s path.  When one is in balance with the rhythm of life, not fighting or trying to change it, even challenging situations don’t interfere with their path.  When you are able to gracefully accept and deal with any situation at hand, you are keeping the energetic movement in form and beautiful!  Try internalizing:  “Although this is not what I expected, it is what is happening.  Therefore, I accept it.  I accept it because I believe that God and the Universe have a better vision of how things need to be for me.”

2.) Mercy & Clemency
It is not always easy to stay in graceful balance.  One of the biggest challenges is our perceptions of other people who appear to be negative, wrong, or bad.  This is when one needs to bring forth mercy and clemency to maintain grace.  How?  Demonstrate a non-judgmental approach.  Think: “I allow this person to be as they are and I forgive this person.  I gracefully accept them as they are, and how they need to be.”  (This does not mean you agree with them or their behavior, but that you gracefully allow.)  Visualize yourself rising above them and allowing them to be as they are.  Gracefully detach yourself from them and the situation.  Ask God to take over.  Release the relationship to God and the Universe to guide and direct.

3. Divine Love & Protection
What this says to me is, ‘I invite the power and the glory to enter my space.’  If you are grace, being grace in each moment, then you live life with a belief that you have divine love and protection with you.  In fact, you are divine love and protection.  No matter what happens you just know that it is suppose to be that way and that all will turn out in a manner that is beneficial to all concerned.  All that is happening is for the greater good of all.  This is so even when you are experiencing what appears to be negative dynamics.  Why?  Often what is best for us is not what we expect, what we can see, or what we have knowledge of.  Therefore, the key to ‘being grace’ is knowing it; claiming it as your way of being.  I know I am divine love and protection; therefore, that is how it is.  The power of our own thoughts and emotions are critical.

So let’s summarize “living grace”.  I gracefully go through life accepting what is.  I do this in a non-judgmental manner, allowing others to be as they are.  Moreover, I allow divine love and protection to enter, because I believe it to be so.

So much happens in our world in which we do not have control.  I hope the concept of living grace speaks to you and helps you live in graceful balance; always and everywhere.

Love – Alice

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Alice McCall (BS Psychology, MBA, Certified Hypnotist) is a Cellular Level Healing consultant.  She assists her clients in transforming density in the body caused by buried thoughts /emotions.  Her specialty is helping those with serious diseases.  She healed herself of breast cancer without medical intervention using this approach.  For more information on Alice and her practice visit  For information on her popular book ‘Wellness Wisdom’ visit


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