Diet, Cancer, & Better Health

Thirty years ago, it was unheard of to suggest that cancer could be shut down by diet. Even today, diet advice is seldom part of a doctor’s prescription for getting well, regardless of the type of health issue.

Interestingly, when as Alice consulted with homeopathic doctors, nutritional counselors, herbal specialists, and other practitioners, they would recommend supplements, herbs, and the macrobiotic diet, but there was no mention of what foods could actually help heal her diagnosis of cancer.

Because she’s always had an interest in this area, she knew that foods have healing properties. Alice did her own research through books, the internet, and any other source she could find.

Wellness Wisdom includes those findings with over 60 foods highlighted, simple recipes, cooking advice, tips, and even pointers on things you should consider avoiding.  Order your copy today to discover more about nature’s gift to us: Food!


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