Chakras DO affect your health!

Chakras, those mysterious inner working parts of our being, play a vital role in every aspect of our mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

In order to ensure their proper functioning, their luminous vitality, they need to be “deep cleaned” at least twice a year.  What is a “deep cleaning”? While working in a light meditative state, I guide you through a series of exercises to clear, reshape, tune, and reprogram the energy of your major chakras, including your ear (clairaudience) chakras.

This is the specialized work that will occur during my upcoming chakra retreat on Saturday, June 4th, 1-4:15pm.  Cost is only $60!  Participants are required to reserve their spot with a deposit or placing a credit card on file.  There is limited space available; so register today! Event will take place in Hendersonville, NC – directions upon registration.  Email or call 828-577-5623.

Symptoms of sluggish obstructed chakras include: a lack of motivation, a sense of heaviness, a dulling of your mental abilities, a pattern of illness, or difficulty in accessing your spiritual self and higher purpose.  Who wants that?!

Feedback from past attendees:
“Your use of toning, color, and spiritual assistance made this an incredible experience. I was able to source so much that I didn’t even know was within me to be released. I am extremely grateful.”
“The depth and comprehensiveness of this chakra work is profound.”

Aren’t sure what chakras are and their role in your wellbeing? An excerpt from my book Wellness Wisdom is below:

Maintaining clear and healthy chakras is important for maintaining health and an effective immune system, but it is even more critical while healing.  Why?
Your chakras constantly radiate and receive energy.  When you hold onto negative thoughts or emotions, they are absorbed by your chakras.  When this happens, your chakras stop functioning properly.  Chakras are designed to be open and clear, allowing the energy of the Divine to flow freely through you.  Buried negativity is dense and obstructs the flow within your chakras.  It can also shrink or swell them depending on the negative emotion stored.  Sluggish obstructed chakras have a negative effect on your immune system, something you do not want, especially during healing.  Because each chakra radiates energy, it can also affect the surrounding parts of the body with the energy it is holding.  If you are holding onto the energy of betrayal in your heart chakra, for instance, it can negatively affect the health of your heart or breasts.
Chakras are energy centers within your body.  There are many chakras in your body, but spiritual counselors and healers tend to focus on the seven primary ones.  They are located deep in the center of your body between your tailbone and the crown of your head.  Each is located near one of your glands.  They push vital life force through your body to ensure vitality, health and well-being.  If you do not work on your chakras regularly you could experience: sluggishness, a lack of motivation, a sense of heaviness, a dulling of your mental abilities, a pattern of illness, or difficulty in accessing your spiritual self and higher purpose.
For those who are not healing, this practice remains important for many reasons.  Clear and healthy chakras help to maintain an optimum functioning immune system, a good overall energy level within your body, and a boost to your creativity, wisdom, knowing, and intuition.
With our environment becoming so filled with stress and fear, many feel that you should do chakra work more frequently than weekly.  Whether you work with your chakras weekly, monthly or annually, I recommend an initial deep and thorough cleansing, followed by a regular maintenance routine that works for you!

Love & Light


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