Chakra Retreat in Hendersonville, North Carolina – don’t miss it!

Hi!  Just sharing the press release that I put together for my upcoming special event.  Learn more in this past blog post about chakras!

On June 4th, 1-4pm AliceMcCall brings her popular Chakra Revitalization Retreat toHendersonville, NC.  Chakras are believed to be components within our bodes that constantly radiate and receive energy.  In order for them to function properly, practitioners like Alice McCall offer services like those featured at her upcoming retreat.  “Doing this work in a retreat setting offers a cost conscious way to energetically clear, tune and balance your energy filters, boosting your sense of bliss and vitality,” says Ms McCall.

McCall attributes a lack of motivation, a sense of heaviness, a dulling of mental abilities, a pattern of illness, and more as the symptoms of improperly functioning chakras.  McCall says that, “My hope is to help others have a better understanding on what chakras are and experience the difference that cleansing and tuning can make to their well being.”

The Chakra Revitalization Retreat will take place Saturday June 4th, 1-4pm in Hendersonville, NC.  Cost is $60, and space is limited so RSVPs are required by calling 828-577-5623 or email

Alice McCall holds a BS Psychology, MBA, and is a Certified Hypnotist.  For more information visit or call 828-577-5623.


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