May’s Newsletter — info about Missing Link to Manifestation Workshop

  Hi everyone!
First off, just a reminder that both the NC in person meditation and the one via teleconference are coming up soon!  Please take a minute to let me know if you plan on attending either event.  View the full list of May, June, and July’s events on my website:
Also, make sure you read all the way to the bottom of this email, because I finally did it!  I have made the leap onto both Facebook and Twitter.  All the links to all my social site pages are at the end of this email!
A new month brings a new inspirational thought.  This month’s is Spiritual Ascension Tips – I hope the tips speak to you and help you along your path.  In addition the Beast Cancer Care site posted my article that features 9 Free Wellness Practices!
So, on top of all those exciting announcements I happy to share one more: On May 24th I will be giving my popular workshop, The Missing Link to Manifestation, via teleconference!  
Have you struggled with creating abundance in your life?
Are your positive affirmations falling short?
Do you feel stuck in the same patterns?
Then this workshop is just what you need!
Discover why the subconscious/unconscious is such a powerful tool in creating the life you desire.
Together we will do the work to identify and transform that which is holding you back from reaching your full potential!
Registration is required; cost is $45.
Teleconference will take place on Tuesday, May 24th, 6-8:30pm CT / 7-9:30pm ET.
As promised, here is the giant list of new ways to connect with me!
My blog:
Feel free to share any of these links or information, including my new website:
Love & Light


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