Lifestyle Changes Can Be As Effective As Drugs – New Study

Lifestyle changes — such as getting more exercise, time in nature, or helping others — can be as effective as drugs or counseling to treat an array of mental illnesses, according to a new paper published by the American Psychological Association.

Multiple mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety, can be treated with certain lifestyle changes as successfully as diseases such as diabetes and obesity, according to Roger Walsh, M.D., PhD. of the University of California, Irvine’s College of Medicine. Walsh reviewed research on the effects of what he calls “therapeutic lifestyle changes,” or TLCs, including exercise, nutrition and diet, relationships, recreation, relaxation and stress management, religious or spiritual involvement, spending time in nature, and service to others.  His paper was published in American Psychologist, APA’s flagship journal. Via

Reasons like this is why sometimes it is tough to explain how my sessions work – and what can be done during a session.  Each session is tailored to that individual’s needs, wants, and goals.  For some it is wanting help letting go of stress, gaining a new perspective on draining relationships, or connecting with the core of who they are to discover their soul’s purpose.

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