We are our own best health advocate!

Patients with heart disease risks are more likely to be prescribed cardiovascular (CV) drugs if they see a younger doctor and recommended to change their lifestyle if they see an older doctor, according to research in the June issue of IJCP, the International Journal of Clinical Practice. Via http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/05/110516080118.htm

Interesting tidbit of research.  To me, it simply further suggests that we are our own best health advocate. 

Before Wellness Wisdom became a book – it was a seminar that included discussion and Q&A.  The section that always got the most feedback was the information about how I interacted with the conventional medical community while being on a holistic self-healing journey.  It always sparked conversations laden with misconceptions and misinformation; which is why I included a section in Wellness Wisdom to cover this area.

The most basic things to remember is that you always have the right to say “no” and you always have the right to a second opinion.

Here is a peak at some of the chapter headers of Wellness Wisdom (order your copy to read more!):

Interfacing with the Medical Community / Natural Healing is Not Like Taking a Pill /How Did I Interact with the Medical Community? / How Did I Use the Medical Community

Supporting a Traditional Medical Approach / Surgery Support / Healing While Under Medical Care / Minimizing the Effects of Chemotherapy & Radiology


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