Sleep is Good / Stress is Bad

Sleep is good.  When we have enough sleep our minds, bodies, emotions, and even spirit are happier.  This is why sleep played an important role in my health journey and is included in Wellness Wisdom.

Stress is bad.  It makes us cranky, scattered, and carries scary physical effects on our well-being.

Lack of sleep + Stress = Really bad.  Especially for those with blood pressure issues.

A stressful day after a poor night of sleep may be an especially bad combination for blood pressure, a new study shows.

Previous studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can raise blood pressure, as can stress. But few have looked at what happens when sleepy people are under pressure.

“Not only is stress common, getting a short amount of sleep is common and one probably leads to the other in a spiral,” Franzen says. “If you’re having a lot of stress, we know that tends to cause insomnia. These things often show up together.” Via


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