Need Motivation?

Do you need a push?  Help becoming more motivated?  Do you know you need to make changes to your life but don’t know where to start?

Maybe something else is going on; maybe you have an old pattern that you need to release. 

Check out this study about people with diabetes.  They know and understand that they could take steps for better health, but taking that first step is sometimes scary, unknown, or just difficult if you aren’t motivated. 

This is why my phone sessions cover so many topics.  For some they are emotional and spiritual support, energetic clearings, stress management, motivational pep-talks, and so much more.  But the question is, could a session be the thing to help you leap that first hurdle to better health?

Most people with diabetesknow the lifestyle changes they need to make to help control their condition but fail to follow through, according to findings of the largest nongovernmental study of its kind.

Nearly nine out of 10 (87%) of 3,867 people with type 2 diabetes surveyed knew that obesity can aggravate their disease. But only 70% said they had tried to lose weight in the previous year. And only one in three indicated they had maintained their desired weight for more than six months.

About one in five participants (17%) reported they prefer a pill to exercise and diet, and 5% said they didn’t even bother to try and stay healthy, says Andrew Green, MD, director of Midwestern Endocrinology in Overland Park, Kan. Via


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