Cellular Oxygenation for Cellular Health

Your body consists of trillions of cells that provide the energy to carry out all of the functions, movements, and needs for your body and all of its parts.  There two primary ways that your cells can source this energy – nutrients from digested food and oxygen.  Both are required for optimal cell functioning. 

Normal cells weaken, die, or mutate into unhealthy cells, if they are not properly oxygenated.  For example, cancer cells derive energy through the break down of cell tissue that can occur when oxygen is lacking.  Cellular oxygen starvation can contribute to immune deficiency, intestinal problems, cardiac conditions, sleep and respiratory disorders, anxiety, depression, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and cancer.  The simplest way to keep your cells from becoming oxygen deficient is to focus on long deep breaths.  Breathing from your chest, causes shallow short breaths, so the goal is to breath from your belly to heighten oxygen levels.  There can be other contributing factors to lacking proper cellular oxygenation like anemia, infections, parasites, and more. 

To read about the practices that I chose to best oxygenate my cells, order your copy of Wellness Wisdom!


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