Self Mastery – Your Key to Spiritual Growth

Hi everyone! Happy August to each of you!

 My August is shaping up to be a very busy month with lots of great in-person and teleconference events. To see my complete event listings check out my website; >  On that note, if you would like an individual session I would like to gently recommend scheduling it now as the next few weeks are filling up fast.  Of course, last minute appointment inquiries are always welcome.
I am so looking forward to the brand new Self Mastery Teleconference event on August 30th.  It is 6-7:30pm Central / 7-8:30pm Eastern.  The message of this event is a very important one, and I find not focused on enough in spiritual teachings.  It is about understanding that knowing a spiritual concept like not holding on to fear or anger’, is not the same as embodying it in our everyday life.  The difference between the two is Self Mastery. It is a very important way of being for personal and spiritual growth.

In this teleconference I discuss what Self Mastery is, why it is important, and tips for achieving it as a way of being.  This event will close with a guided meditation connecting you to your higher guidance, to learn what you are to focus on mastering at this point in your life. Understanding and embodying Self Mastery as an ongoing way of life is one of the most important aspects of achieving the highest spiritual growth possible.  This is going to be a great teleconference event for everyone that is interested in spiritual and personal growth – from those that have just started on this path to long-time travelers.  Cost is only $20.  Please email me if you are interested in attending or have any questions.

Lastly, the Energy Meridian workshop went very well last month.  I have had many requests to make a CD or offer a recorded teleconference on the event.  If either (or both) interest you, please let me know so I can gauge interest.
Thanks so much for your continued support!
Love & Light

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