Excercise & Cancer Diagnosis – Why they need to go hand in hand.

Being physically active is important at all stages of your life; even if facing a serious health issue like cancer. 

In my book Wellness Wisdom, I write about what types of physical activities I included on my self-healing journey after my diagnosis of breast cancer in 2007.  Keeping active helps your body stay strong, and gives you great mental focus in what can be a hectic time in your life. 

If you are dealing with a serious health issue, the goal of excerise isn’t to exhaust yourself, but to keep moving and keep active. 

Despite strong emerging evidence that being physically active could dramatically improve cancer patients’ recovery and long-term health, a Macmillan online survey of 400 health professionals who deal with cancer patients found that many are not aware of this and most are not talking to their patients about it. Over half of the primary care doctors, nurses, and oncologists surveyed do not speak to their cancer patients about the benefits of physical activity, or at best they speak to just a few of them. via http://www.webmd.com/cancer/news/20110808/exercise-wonder-drug-cancer-survival


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