More Herbs, Less Salt Day – Take the Challenge!

Today officially is “More Herbs, Less Salt” day; and I would like to propose a simple challenge to each of you.  Next time you are buying groceries, take a few more minutes to look over the spice and herbs that the store offers and try something new.  Not only are you trying something that will bring new life to old dishes, but many herbs have healing properties; turmeric is a great example of that.

I love the message of “More Herbs, Less Salt”; it was even a diet principle I included during my self-healing of breast cancer in 2007.  The following is an excerpt from Wellness Wisdom – a reference book that includes information on all the holistic tools I used during my transformational journey:

I tried to include rosemary and thyme everyday because of their healing properties.  Other herbs were included as I cooked my food, primarily to add flavor.  Since I lowered my salt intake and lessened my use of spicy condiments, I looked for new, healthy ways to make savory dishes.



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