Free Event in Asheville & Body Work Date Change!

Hi everyone!

I hope that each of you had a lovely holiday weekend, whether it was going out with friends, spending time in nature, or reveling in some quiet time.

After a request, and an unanimous decision from the attendees, the date of the Body Revitalization mini-retreat has been pushed back to Saturday, September, 24th 1-4pm. I still have a couple open slots left if you would like to attend. This event will not be offered again for the next 2 years. It will take place in my home office in Hendersonville. Cost is $45

Body Revitalization will focus on direct energy work on our spine and immune system. Utilizing a meditative state, we will cleanse, clear, and energetically transform these very important parts of your body working with angels, guides, light energy, sound therapy and guided imagery. This direct energy work on your body helps you to stay healthy, feel better, and even can address lifelong issues like chronic pain, serious diseases, and emotional issues. Because the spine and the immune system affect every part of your body, this work can have far reaching effects. We will also spend time intimately communicating with our bodies and balancing our heart using Qi Gong.

And now onto the free event: For those in the Asheville area on Sunday, September 18th, 1-2pm I will be giving a free talk at the Earth Fare on Westgate Parkway. Would you like a better understanding of chakras and how they impact your health? Then this talk is for you!

Chakras do impact our wellness! The talk starts with an overview of what your chakras are, with an emphasis of how they can help or hinder your health. The talk ends with a guided meditation specifically designed to connect you with your heart chakra – results you can feel! Feel unmotivated? Sluggish? Patterns of illness or emotional distress? Do you just ‘not feel like yourself’? Then your chakras may be the answer! Learn steps you can take to keep them optimally functioning in this free talk.

I hope to see many familiar faces at Earth Fare on September 18th – and feel free to share information; I love meeting new faces too!

Finally the date of monthly Guided ‘Healing’ Meditation in Hendersonville has changed from Sunday September 25th to Sunday October 2nd, at same time of 4-5 pm.

You can register for any of the above events by emailing  or calling 850-585-5496.  Directions will be provided upon registration.

Happy Apple Fest!
Love & Light


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