September is National Rice Month & Whole Grains Month

“Whole grains” is a new buzz phrase that is being used to market everything from bread colored with molasses to sugary cereals with cartoon characters on the boxes. 

Whole grains, which includes rice, are great staples to your diet – but not all grains are created equal.  In Wellness Wisdom I cover the grains that are staples in my self-healing diet, why I chose them, and even how to cook them!

Grains are common in nearly every part of the world, but we need to think beyond wheat and white rice if we are wanting to eat healthy.  Yes, this may mean some adjustments in the kitchen and to our loved family recipes.  However, there are many options readily available as substitutions.  For example; pasta.  Once solely available made with wheat, now can be found in a wide range of varieties, including my favorite which is made with brown rice.

So to celebrate national rice month and whole grain month – step out and try something new.  Try  millet, quinoa, or  barley.  Try some brown rice crackers instead of what you normally keep on hand. 

Focus on the small changes that you can make each day, like including more whole grains in your diet!   Before you know it, one change leads to another, and you will be well on your path to wellness.

Not sure where to start? Wellness Wisdom offers practical advice for diet, nutrition, supplements, cellular health, and much more. Learn about everyday toxins to avoid, foods and their health properties, and in-depth information on what transformed Alice’s breast cancer into healthy cells.


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