Fall Equinox Special Meditation – Friday, September 23

Hi Everyone!

I have some great events planned for this fall and winter, both in-person in North Carolina and via teleconference.  Sometimes a special event comes together so fast, that it takes me by surprise; and with that I am happy to introduce a brand new event for the Fall Equinox.  In fact it is so new, it hasn’t even made it to my website quite yet!

After a special request from several clients I will be holding a special meditation for the Fall Equinox on teleconference this Friday, September 23rd 1-2 Pacific, 2-3 Mountain, 3-4pm Central, 4-5pm Eastern, 5-6pm Atlantic. Cost $15.  For those near Hendersonville you can either join us over the phone or sit with me in my healing space.

Because we are in 2011, the year before 2012, the Equinoxes and Solstices are extremely important.  Equinoxes are always full of expansive energy but this Fall’s equinox will also strongly focus on Unity Consciousness.  I have special mediation work planned to connect you with the energies of this important day.

To register for this event simply email or call me at the numbers below.  

Also for those who missed the meditation work on unconditional love on 9/11, let me know if you are interested in listening to it after the fact.  It is recorded, and I can make it available to those who are interested.  Cost would be the same as attending the meditation, $15.  The feedback on it was very positive, with many who attended wanting to repeat it.

There are many special high-energy days in the last weeks of 2011 and into 2012.  I will be adding more specialized meditations in the coming days, so please visit http://healingpath.info/upcoming_events.htm early next week to see my updated list of upcoming events. Or email me to let me know your interest, and I will be sure to email the new dates to you as the fall into place.

Love & Light

Healing Path with Alice McCall
828-577-5623 / 850-585-5496
www.HealingPath.info / alice@healingpath.info
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