International Self-Awareness Month

Did you know that this is International Self-Awareness Month? 

Self-awareness is a powerful tool for personal growth!  Afterall, how can we change our short-falls unless we are able to recognize them as something we need to address.

Self-awareness is important for our physical self too.  Learn to be aware of our physical self, our body’s needs and messages it tries to send us.  Like during my self-healing journey with breast cancer in 2007,  my body was craving warm nourishing foods, not just cold raw foods.  Most times our bodies truly know what is best for us, and cravings are a clue into our body’s needs. So, when raw food wasn’t agreeing with me, and my body was craving warm foods – I listened.

If you have a hard time quieting you thoughts to focus on self-awareness, try meditation, qi-gong, yoga, or tai chi.  These are all great tools that quiet the conscious mind.

So spend some time this month getting to know a very special person better – you!


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