Interested in Group Sessions?

Group Sessions

Self-Healing Circles
Experience your own self-healing as part of a group. We can focus on clearing and balancing charkas, removing blockages, intention work, or other group elected topics.

Healing Circles for the Earth
Experience the honor of doing group healing work for our planet earth, using Native American and other indigenous traditions.

Day Retreats
Experience the power of devoting an entire day to your spiritual growth and personal development. You will leave feeling renewed and inspired. Day retreats can be scheduled for small groups.

Growth Circles
Interested in meeting regularly with like-minded people to share and experience spiritual growth together? Each group’s work is created just for them, based on current needs and interests.

For those with an interest in earth’s ascension and one’s own personal ascension process Alice offers a specialized growth circle. Participate in ongoing bi-monthly work to keep you current on Earth’s ascension and how it impacts you, as well as the energy activations to facilitate your highest spiritual ascension possible.

A minimum of 5 committed individuals is required to form a circle either via teleconference or locally in Western North Carolina.

Contact Alice to learn more!
Email address:
Telephone: 850-585-5496 or 828-577-5623


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