New CD! Energetic Spine Work! & More!

Hi everyone!
I’ve got some wonderful updates that I am very excited to share with each of you!  For a personal update, please read the news section of my website ( and October’s Inspirational Thought for a four year retrospective look on my healing journey with breast cancer (
But the biggest news is that I have a brand new CD to share with you!  ‘Body Wellness’ takes the concepts and exercises explained in my book ‘Wellness Wisdom’ and guides the listener through experiencing them. The CD features learning and experiencing how to energetically support key areas of your body for continued health and self-healing.  It will help you to energetically cleanse and revitalize your lymphatic system.  Why is that so important?  Because our lymphatic system greatly impacts our immune system, proper intestinal functioning, keeping us free of cancer, and so much more when it comes to our physical well-being.  Other exercises include being guided to easily oxygenate the cells of your body, and transforming a target area of your body with healing energies. 
This CD was specifically designed to help us focus on self-healing, maintain our health, and age with vitality.  I believe that ‘Body Wellness’ is a great tool to have in our holistic toolbox! 
I am excited to share some good news on top of good news:  I am ordering the CDs from a new company at a discounted price and am happy to pass along the savings.  Not only does the ‘Body Wellness’ CDs look more professional but I am able to sell them for $15 each.   For a full press release to learn more about this CD visit: your ‘Body Wellness” CD for $15 + shipping at today!
I am also excited about a new teleconference event this Fall, The Spinal Connection.  It offers powerful healing to all parts of your body through working directly with cleansing and healing each vertebrae of your spine.  More info on this about other events is below.  Don’t miss this important healing experience!
As always, I try my best to keep my upcoming events page current (  I’ve got dates all the way through early 2012 up for those that like to plan ahead.  Just reply to this email if you plan on attending any of the events below!
Tuesday, October 11th, 6-7pm CT / 7-8pm ET  $15
A Special Guided Healing Meditation via Teleconference
This event will combine my monthly teleconference meditation and a special meditation honoring this time’s metaphysical significance.  We will be working with the new energies that are starting to make themselves known.  Great for those that love meditation, are curious about my spiritual growth circles, or a member of the spiritual ascension group.
Sunday, October 23rd, 4-5pm ET $15
Guided Healing Meditation in person in Hendersonville, NC
Please note the date of this meditation!  Be lead and guided in a healing meditation – each meditation is unique!  New attendees are always welcome to participate.
Monday, October, 24th, 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET $25
The Spinal Connection – Energy Work on Your Spine!
Featuring guided direct energy work on your spine which connects to all parts of your body!. Aid your spiritual ascension and your health by transforming and releasing dense energy held by your body’s vertebrae.  Communicate with your body during a guided meditation.  (For those who missed Body Work I in Hendersonville – this is a mini version of this retreat.  Those who attended felt an impressive positive shift in their body and overall sense of well being).
Love & Light

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  1. di & elaine
    Oct 15, 2011 @ 21:09:04

    excellent idea with the new CD!
    we’re excited about continued events. 🙂


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