Teleconference Meditation / 11:11:11 Event & More

Happy November everyone!

What can be better than a guided healing meditation?  How about two?!

This month I am offering a special guided healing meditation that coincides with a very special date 11:11:11.  This will run a little longer than a standard meditation as we will talk about the day’s significance and how it relates to our personal and global growth.  Then we will invite the potent energies in, integrating them with our being.  Since this day falls on a Friday, the event will be in the late afternoon as not to interfere with anyone’s evening plans.  It will occur at 2-3:30pm CT / 3-4:30pm ET.  Cost is $25.

Would you prefer to attend our regularly scheduled monthly meditation instead (or in addition)?  Then make sure to register for meditation on Sunday November 13th, 4-5pm CT / 5-6pm ET.  We will focus on making sure you are thoroughly de-stressed and ready to handle anything the upcoming holidays throw at you!  Cost is $15.

Also, by request:  Mark your calendars for Spiritual Empowerment on 12/1 6-7:30pm CT. Discover tips to spiritual growth and self-mastery in this unique workshop.  Important if you feel stuck or unguided. This is the 2nd workshop in the Self Mastery series, but is a great topic for everyone, whether or not you made it to the first one. Cost is $20.

Just drop me an email if you would like to register for any events!  Looking forward to sharing this special time with you.

Love & Light

PS – For those interested I have a radio interview at 6pm ET tomorrow that can be listed to online.  Visit for details.


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