Western North Carolina Events: Anti-Aging Free Event 11/17 & Chakra Retreat

I have lots of wonderful events planned for this Winter! As always, be sure to visit http://healingpath.info/upcoming_events.htm for the complete event listings.

There are two special events this month that I especially want to invite each of you to attend:
Chakra Revitalization Retreat at my healing space on 11/12 &
Special Anti-Aging Free Talk at the Hendersonville Co-op on 11/17

Some of you may remember that I hosted my Chakra Retreat earlier this year, and I am happy to offer it again for those that missed it. This energetic retreat will be on Saturday November 12th, 1-4:30pm. To read all about what we accomplish in this work, and why we should pay special attention to our chakras please visit this blog post about the past event: http://bit.ly/tpv4jp. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to attend. 3.5 hours of intensive energy work for only $55!

Interested in learning how to age with grace and in good health? Come join me for a free one hour talk on Thursday November 17th at the Henderson Co-op to learn how it is possible! This approach to will help maintain your health, energy level, and vitality as you age.

We will discuss Cellular Level Healing®! Cellular health is vital to aging with a strong, healthy, vital appearance. Do you know that there are steps you can take to boost your cellular health? Our cells are the building blocks of every part of us – the healthier they are the healthier we are! Hear useful tips cost little or no money. This event closes with a brief guided meditation to receive a message specifically for you, related to your health and vitality.

Thank you to each of you for making my first year in North Carolina a special one! 

PS – For those interested I have a radio interview at 6pm ET tomorrow that can be listed to online. Visit http://healingpath.info/upcoming_events.htm for details.


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