November Newsletter: Spiritual Empowerment

Happy November everyone!

There is a lot going on as we move into winter, and start thinking about holiday plans.  So with that in mind, in case you missed my last newsletters: Highlights upcoming Western North Carolina events and is a full press release about the free WNC event. the teleconference meditations, including an 11:11:11 meditation on Friday.

Of course with each new month, I update the inspirational thought on my website.  I hope that November’s message speaks to you I was also asked to contribute to the Breast Cancer Cares site on the topic of stress.  Visit to read a short article and listen to a free 15 minute de-stressing meditation.

So what else is new?  The Self Mastery teleconference ( went so well in August, and we had so much material to cover that we realized a ‘part two’ was needed. I hope you will join me for Spiritual Empowerment on Thursday December 1st, 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET.  Although this is a continuation of the Self Mastery event, the work we will cover is important for anyone interested in spiritual growth and successfully moving forward in their life!  Registration is open to everyone.

Are you feeling frustrated because what has worked for you in the past, no longer does?   Are old patterns taking hold, and you can’t seem to release yourself from them?  All this and more will be explained with tools that you can utilize to move forward, and shake free of the old. 

Attend this workshop to learn new ways of behaving and being that do work, and that propel your spiritual and personal growth.   Understand the universal energetic principles that can work for – or against – the life you want, intend, and dream of.  This is more than a discussion of energy principles, as we will spend time working with specific tools and techniques that harness your ability to be successful at self-mastery and maneuver life in 2012 and beyond!

Cost is $20 and advanced RSVP is suggested.  Just reply to this email to register!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support – and I appreciate all the feedback I have gotten on my newest CD!  This had been my fastest selling CD to date, so make sure to order your copy of Body Wellness – a companion CD to my book Wellness Wisdom before my stock runs out:

Love & Light

PS: New Autumn photos are up:


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