Study Shows Yoga or Intensive Stretching Are Effective Treatments for Chronic Lower Back Pain

Do you suffer from chronic back pain?  Then the answer may be trying low impact excercise like yoga. 

“Our results suggest that both yoga and stretching can be good, safe options for people who are willing to try physical activity to relieve their moderate low back pain,” researcher Karen J. Sherman, PhD, MPH, a senior investigator at Group Health Research Institute in Seattle, says in a news release. via

Although yoga in a studio setting can be a wonderful experience, and is especially helpful for a beginner – there are tons of free or low cost ways to try yoga at home!  Rent, borrow, stream, or buy videos that demonstrate how to do yoga – and do only what feels right to your body.


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  1. Sandy
    Nov 26, 2011 @ 18:47:09

    My breasts were removed in 1997 and since then I’v not been able to raise my arms all the way above my head. I was talked into a Zumba class and within 5 classes (1:30 per class) my arms are totally extended straight above my head. There were times when I need to sit out part of the song, but got back up for more. What Great Fun, I never realized at 62 I could have that much fun, I was exersizing and improving my health. I know it’s kind of late to be having rehab but that’s just what is happening. I move much more, hear music and start to dance, my body is feeling great now. Please try it, you WILL get hooked on it, your body will feel sooo much better.


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