Transformational Energy Healing Defined

Transformational Energy Healing Using The Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotion Connection

Transformational Energy Healing is a broad healing modality that incorporates a wide range of healing tools or approaches to suit the specific needs of a given individual.  The goal is to discover and heal the root cause of the issue, whether it is a negative thought, emotion, memory, or trauma.  Once the cause is revealed and understood, it is transformed and replaced with positive energies, thoughts, and emotions.  Although there are many different energy healing approaches available, it is of the utmost importance that the approach properly addresses the root cause at the cellular level and the subconscious level, so the issue does not return.

All living and non-living things consist of energy.  Our thoughts, intentions, and beliefs are energy.  This energy is a powerful source that can be used to manifest and live an abundant life.  Yet over a lifetime, there is a build-up of density in your cells from holding onto strong negative thoughts or emotions.  The memory of it is held in your cells as negative, dense energy.  It can also form into subconscious patterns.  If this is not cleared or changed, over time, this density can form a blockage to your full potential – causing health or emotional disorders. 

Not only can this dense energy affect your health – it can affect your entire way of being.  We were made mind, body, spirit, and emotion.  All are connected, and each part of you affects the others.  Changes in energy levels, lack of motivation, unwanted life patters, relationship issues, feelings of being spiritually disconnected, and much more can be traced back to cellular level density.

 Use Transformational Energy Healing proactively as a preventative tool to enhance your well-being.  Be empowered to change your life, be well, and be healthy through Transformational Energy Healing. 

 Choose to be well and prevent old patterns from returning!

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