Local Hendersonville Events, Meditations and Retreat!

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Hi everyone!
I hope that each of you have lovely Thanksgiving plans in place.  It is a great time to surround ourselves with loves ones and get to know them a little better – or even make new friends.  However the holiday can also fuel unhealthy stress in our lives, so directly following Thanksgiving, on Sunday 11/27, 4-5pm I will be leading a guided healing meditation in Hendersonville to help you melt that stress away and be prepared for anything that this hectic holiday season throws at you.  This meditation will be focused on harnessing the power of our inner calm, a powerful force to overcome our stressors.  Cost is $15, and all levels of meditators are welcome to attend.
Do you know that you have two chances to attend events with me on December 3rd?  This is going to be a great day as I will be giving a free talk on how past lives influence our present wellness at Crystal Visions in Naples and then opening my healing space in Hendersonville for a powerful mini-retreat.
What mini-retreat?  I call it Body Work.  So many of my events are about learning, understanding, and accepting – but this event is about experiencing.  We will energetically work to transform key areas that have a big impact on our body’s health and our sense of well-being.  Through transformational energy healing tools we will work to transform each attendees immune, skeletal, and endocrine systems for a full-body makeover from the inside, out.
Each area has been carefully chosen as it plays such a connective role in our overall health.
Your skeletal system is your framework, your building blocks that hold you up and keep you going.
Your immune system is your security team, keeping unwanted trespassers out, fending off everything from colds to serious health issues like cancer.
Your endocrine system is a series of dams, regulating the amount of hormones that should be released, and those hormones affect everything from our mood, to metabolism, sleep, healthy bones, and everything in-between.
It is something that has to be experience to be believed! The Body Work mini-retreat will be on Saturday 12/3, 2-5pm.  Cost is $45.
Lastly, mark your calendars for a special Winter Solstice meditation on 12/21 at 4pm.  More details to come!
Just reply to this email to register for any of my upcoming events.
Love & Light

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