My Healing Priorities During My Self-Healing Journey with Breast Cancer

Here are the Top Three Healing Priorities on My Self-Healing Journey with Breast Cancer


Transformational Healing to address the cause at the cellular level and to rework the body’s energy into a healthy state (using the mind, emotion, and spiritual connection within the body).  “You are what you think!”  This is the first thing I focused on, and continued to focus on during my healing journey.


Diet and Nutrition, including foods and supplements that cleanse what is unhealthy inside your body.  “You are what you eat!”  It is a priority to prepare and cook healthy foods.  My body was screaming for support, and I wanted to provide it.

Sleep and Rest.  “Your body heals and renews while sleeping!”  Without this priority, it is likely that I would still be sick.  I had to work at allowing myself to take the time to sleep and rest.  We are so conditioned to push, push, push.

Read more about these priorities, and my journey from diagnosis to being cancer free in Wellness Wisdom.


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