Reminder: Special Equinox Meditation!

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to remind you about the upcoming guided healing meditation honoring the Spring Equinox.  (Read the full press release here:  The meditation is about planting our spiritual seeds in Spring’s growing season, so we are able to enjoy the benefits they will bear all year long!  Since this is also a key astrological aspect of the 2012 spiritual expansion, I will be linking to this in our meditation work as well.
I hope that each of you will be able to join me on Tuesday, March 20th 6-7pm CT / 7-8pm ET to celebrate this special time together via teleconference.  Cost is $15.   Please reply to this email to register for this important event.
Can’t join in at that time?  Let me know and I will share how you can access a recorded version of the meditation with your phone – on your schedule!
I also have a really wonderful workshop teleconference called “The Science of Compassion” that I am looking forward to sharing, which will happen on Tuesday, April 3rd.  Keep an eye out for an email next week for full details, or register early!
Love & Light

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