The Science of Compassion

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Accelerate your spiritual growth and live with difficult experiences with ease!    
Hi everyone! 
I am very excited to share a new teleconference event with you – one that I think can have a big impact on all aspects of your life.   The Science of Compassion (read the press release here: will feature all-new tools and techniques!
Sometimes the world isn’t what we wish it would be.  This workshop will help you use the tools of compassion in a way that allows you to co-exist with people or organizations that are harmful. These principles can help you maneuver any aspect of your life that is disruptive or negative, with grace and without judgment.
This material is crucial for spiritual growth and ascension, as well as being able to peacefully maneuver life’s disappointments, tragedies, and negativity.  It is an advanced perspective of a way of being that will propel you on your spiritual path.
RSVP today to join me on Tuesday April 3rd, 6-8pm CT / 7-9pm ET to discover The Science of Compassion. Cost is only $20.  Just sent me an email to register!
This teleconference features practical tips, educational discussion, a universal action plan, and in-depth energy work while in a meditative state.
Keep an eye on my website for more upcoming events, including free events at Mills River Unity and a free teleconference event!
Love & Light

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