Inspirational Speaker Alice McCall of Healing Path Presents Special Series at Mills River Unity

Alice McCall will be facilitating two free events at Unity Center of Mills River, North Carolina.  Wednesday April 25th, 7-8:30pm “The Power of Unconscious Patterns” followed by Wednesday May 2nd 7-8:30pm “The Power of Past Lives”.

The Unity Center of Mills River North Carolina has invited inspirational speaker and author Alice McCall to facilitate a pair of special workshops on April 25th and May 2nd.  “I am looking forward to presenting these topics at Mills River.  It is a great way to share information and tools to help us overcome our limiting behavior,” shares McCall. 

April 25th, 7-8:30pm will be The Power of Unconscious Patterns with Alice McCall is described as an opportunity for participants to understand what unconscious patterns are and how they can control one’s life and health.  “I include real examples from my healing practice.  It is a great way to illustrate specific examples and helps everyone feel less alone in their struggles.  Every person on this planet has unconscious patterns; a recurring event or trigger that they are unaware of.  Often we aren’t sure how or where these patterns originated, but the important thing is to get rid of them!” states McCall who believes that unconscious patterns can be the root of personal turmoil, unhealthy behavior, and health issues.

May 2nd, 7-8:30pm will be The Power of Past Lives with Alice McCall, a workshop focused on explaining how past lives can impact one’s present wellness.  “The concept was a key component of my successful self-healing of breast cancer in 2007.  Through personal experience and experiences of my clients I have come to understand how past life wounds can be a deep and inhibiting factor to present life, health, and spiritual growth,” shares McCall.

Each presentation closes with a guided healing meditation facilitated by McCall.  “Through meditation each attendee will have the opportunity to discover if they are holding onto any unconscious patterns or if a past live is holding them back. After all, the first step to releasing these patterns and these limiting past life wounds, is being aware that you have them.”

All are welcome to attend each event at The Unity Center of Mills River.  It is located on 2041 Old Fanning Bridge Rd, Mills River, North Carolina. 

Questions or speaking inquires can be directed to Alice McCall at 828-577-5623, or emailing

Ms McCall holds a B.S. in Psychology and a MBA.  She is a Cellular Level Healing Consultant, Spiritual Counselor, Hypnotist, and Author.  She works with the mind, emotion, and spiritual connection to the body in her practice.  Assisting with serious health issues is her specialty.  For more information on her popular book Wellness Wisdom, inspired by her own self-healing journey with breast cancer visit For more information on Alice and her practice Healing Path visit


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