Frequently Asked Questions with Wellness Wisdom Author, Alice McCall

Frequently Asked Questions with Author Alice McCall

 Describe your book, Wellness Wisdom, in 10 words or less. 
 An empowering and practical road map for self-healing.

Your book talks about your healing priorities – could you explain them? 
Although there were many things that I wanted to do to affect the successful healing of cancer in my left breast, I found that there were not enough hours in the day to do it all.  I decided to prioritize the top three things that I needed to focus on each day, and then I filled in with other modalities when I could.

My first priority was doing inner work in a meditative state to learn what the emotional/mental causes of my health issue were, then transforming them at a cellular and subconscious level.  This is the work that I do as a transformational energy healer and spiritual counselor.  When the mental/emotional causes are identified and transformed, our body has the ability to renew and heal itself.  Without this work, a health issue can continue or even return.  This work, along with daily meditation time to align with God and to maintain my inner calm, encompassed my first priority, which I consider the most important.

My second priority was eating organic, alkaline foods with healing properties that targeted my health issue.  I chose a macrobiotic approach (which I explain in the book) to guide what foods I ate and how I prepared them.  Over 50% of my diet consisted of vegetables.  I wanted to rid my body of its build up of toxins, as well as provide it with all that it needed to heal itself, so my food and supplement choices provided ongoing detoxification support for my body.  I also focused on supporting my lymphatic system and my overall immune system through my food and supplement choices.

My third priority was getting lots of sleep.  Many important bodily functions, like the production of several helpful hormones, only occur while sleeping, and your body best heals and renews during sleep.  It is vitally important to honor and support your body’s healing with lots of rest and lots of sleep.  Allowing myself to sleep longer at night and rest more during each day was critical to my healing. 

The book focuses on your journey with breast cancer, but is it helpful for others? 
Absolutely, what is shared in this book, Wellness Wisdom, can be used to maintain health, prevent disease, and transform health issues or unwanted patterns.  The guidelines offered in Wellness Wisdom have been used successfully on other forms of cancer, kidney disease, Crohn’s disease, chronic migraines, obsessive-compulsive disorder, allergies, patterns of feeling stuck or trapped, low self-esteem, fear of flying, and more.

 I have received so much feedback from people who are not physically sick, but have used what is in the book, and share that they are better able to live life in a positive and healthy manner.  Many share that Wellness Wisdom changed their life, and wish they knew what was in the book earlier.

 Everyone owes it to themselves to read this book, and educate themselves on the little known aspects of health and wellness.  The spiritual aspects of healing and the section on healing foods seem to be favorites for everyone.

 A large section of the book is dedicated to food – why is this an important focus? 
What you eat can easily enable disease to grow in your body, or can prevent it from occurring.  Which do you want?  I think all of us would say prevention, yet the majority of our diets almost exclusively consist of foods that foster disease.  We also eat foods full of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, toxins, and metals, which hinder the body’s ability to function in a healthy, normal manner.  Yet people still knowingly continue with their eating habits, because it is easy or something tastes good.  I choose my foods based on their healing properties and how they can help me.  Even today, I still maintain a 100% organic household.  I eat foods with great health benefits that are pertinent to me, with a large portion of my diet based in vegetables.  My body really responds to this, and let’s me know how unhappy it is when I eat otherwise.  Honor your body; give it what it needs to stay healthy.  It will change your life.   

 What was the primary motivation in writing Wellness Wisdom? 
I have always been passionate about teaching others through workshops and inspirational articles about natural health and healing, so writing Wellness Wisdom was a natural expansion for me.

My primary motivation specifically was to offer hope to others and to share what I learned in a way that is easy to understand and apply.  Slowly more people are acknowledging that there are ways to heal without medical procedures or medicines that have negative side effects.  Self-healing, especially with support from holistic health practitioners is a real possibility.  Preventing disease by using what is in this book can be life changing for you and your family.


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