Happy Earth Day!

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Earth Day Reminds Us to Honor the Earth

Earth Day is April 22nd.  Having it on the calendar stimulates a thought process that most do not engage in often.

  • What is the state of our planet? Its resources? It’s overall health?

  • What is my relationship with planet earth? Do I have one?

  • Do I give back to this planet that provides me a home? 

Native American cultures teach us that the greatest wisdom of the earth is respect.  Earth is intimately linked to our past and our future, and it holds the key to our survival.  Native American cultures believe that everything on earth, animate, inanimate, and in the sky has a spirit.  The sun, moon, thunder, and wind are considered especially powerful.  The earth itself is often referred to as Earth Woman or Mother Earth.

 African Cultures show us that the sources of life are earth and its water.  These cultures believe that spiritual forces are strong in the underground tributaries and streams.  Their perspective is that this where earth’s soul resides.  

 Native cultures respected and lived in harmony with the earth.  What happened?  Our modern world seems to have lost touch.  Removed is the thought process that we have a responsibility to the earth.

 God made the earth to provide us with all that we need.  Why do we, as individuals and as a society, treat earth with such disrespect?  Littering and filling landfills with products that cannot be naturally decomposed damages the earth.  Rapping the earth of trees, animals, fish, and scarce resources such as oil, leaves little for future generations.

 It is important to protect and respect our earth because earth gives us life.  

● Show respect by spending time outside in nature.  Still yourself and listen to the earth and the other elements of nature.  Bring Earth and nature into meditative practices. 
● Show respect in a physical manner by not adding to the pollution.  Stop thoughtlessly littering and become a responsible recycler.
● Embrace a green lifestyle.  Use recycled products.  Drive a gas efficient automobile.  Little changes can have a big impact on the planet – vow to make those changes each day.
● Create the best for the earth by holding the vision of earth’s perfect health and harmony, in your mind’s eye.  Hold that vision as if it is already taking place.
● Teach your children and grandchildren to love and respect the earth.  Lead by your example.  Spend time with them outside in nature.

 There was a time when we took only what we needed, when we gave something back, and when we worshipped and honored all of creation.  Now the waters are polluted, natural resources are depleted, and the elements that God created are neglected and ignored. 


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