Thoughts on ‘Lack’ Thinking – My Journey

It is my belief that the thoughts and emotions that I hold onto help to create my life experiences.  So lack thinking could create the opposite of what I desire and deserve!

My intentions had always been that I had a peaceful flow to my life where I was centered and balanced.  Then one day I found myself saying, “I can’t keep up.  There is not enough time!”  Wow!  Where did that come from? 

In exploring this, it appears that my ‘not enough’ thinking has become a norm in our society.  There is not enough time, not enough money, not enough love, not enough caring, and not enough understanding.  We are a ‘not enough’ society and this mass consciousness creates and recreates our world.  The result is a behavior to hurry up and get as much as you can, before someone else takes the little bit that there is.  In truth, there is more than enough for everyone.

 Steps I have used to change the lack thinking held deep inside of me include:

1.       Deep introspection: a journey of self knowing self on the inside.  In a meditation state I ask “what am I holding to that is limiting me” I set the intention that I will receive the answer. With practice, I receive the answer with this inner inquiry

 2.      Shift my limiting buried thoughts or patterns.  Once discovered I sometimes write them on paper and ceremonially burn the. Other methods are visualizing myself in a meditative state holding a heavy dark balloon representing my “buried stuff”, then I release it and watch it float far away.  I declared that this limiting pattern is no longer useful and that I am tossing it out today.  All thoughts and words give commands to our body and our entire being.  I like to use them to release as well as to affirm.

 3.       Affirm what I want to be and become.  I use the opposite of the buried limiting thought that I released.  For example “There is always enough time, money and support.  My life is easy, manageable, and joyful!”

 This new way of looking at life also played a big role in my self-healing journey with breast cancer in 2007.  I transformed my foundational ‘lack’ thoughts down to the unconscious cellular level. I know that without this inner work, my self-healing journey wouldn’t have had the same path.  I am grateful that I know how to address lack thinking on all levels and am honored to share this work with my clients on an ongoing basis.

If you need help overcoming your lacking thinking contact me for a free consultation: 828-577-5623, or emailing



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