Meet Kiva, Past Lives, & More

Hi everyone!
I hope that each of you have wonderful plans in place for Mother’s day, whether you are able to spend it with your mother, your family, or some quiet time with Mother Earth.
With a new month, comes a new article posted on my website.  I hope it speaks to you, and you are moved to share the special message with your loved ones.  I also want to invite each of you to meet the new addition in my life, a puppy named Kiva.
I have some new events planned in the next weeks, both for teleconference and my fellow North Carolinians.
On Tuesday, May 22nd at 6-7pm CT / 7-8pm ET I’ll be facilitating ‘Past Lives: Your Spiritual Road Map’ via teleconference.  Interested attendees may also join me in my healing space in Hendersonville NC.  $20 
This event will broaden your understanding of how past lives can be an inhibiting factor to spiritual growth. Clearing past life wounds is a powerful transformation for our personal and spiritual selves, and directly supports the Earth’s ascension process – propelling personal and global ascension.  It is common to connect with past lives and rediscover skills or abilities that help fulfill our purpose in this life time.  This event will focus on both aspects of past lives; the spiritual importance of healing past life wounds and utilizing skills/knowledge from past life experiences for spiritual purpose.
For those in the Hendersonville area:
On Saturday June 2nd at 9:30-12:30 ET I will be opening my home healing space for ‘Past Lives Impact Wellness’.  A workshop event to help you uncover if the root of your present physical, emotional, or mental distress is tied to a past life experience. We will be working on discovering and healing your limitations… not just understanding it!  $45.
To register for either event email
Other upcoming events:
5/22 Guided Healing Meditation, Hendersonville, NC
6/7 Crystalline Chakra Work via teleconference
6/17 Guided Healing Meditation, Hendersonville, NC
6/20 Guided Solstice Healing Meditation via teleconference
7/21 Spiritual Growth/Ascension Circle via teleconference
7/30 Free Meditation with Your Pet via teleconference
8/5 Free Meditation with Your Pet, Hendersonville, NC
Love & Light

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