Hendersonville NC Events: Guided Healing Meditation & Past Lives Event

Hi everyone!

I just want to remind you that Guided Healing Meditation at my healing space in Hendersonville is this Sunday.  All levels of meditators are welcome to attend; reaping the benefits and gifts that meditation offers us.  For those who haven’t been to my space before, I am just minutes from downtown Hendersonville.  Meditation is from 4-5pm.  Cost is $15.

Are you curious about past lives?  On Saturday June 2nd at 9:30-12:30 ET I will be opening my home healing space for ‘Past Lives Impact Wellness’

This is a workshop event to help you uncover if the root of your present physical, emotional, or mental distress is tied to a past life experience.  This is a freeing event, offering powerful insights that can guide your healing path.  We will do more than talk about this concept – we will experience the work!  

The workshop will close with a specialized energy work within a meditative state to help each attendee uncover if there is a link to a present health issue to a past life.  Once we are armed with this powerful knowledge it is so much easier to address our current unhealthy state!

This work played a huge role in my self-healing journey with breast cancer in 2007.  Once I discovered the link between past life events and my lack of health – I was able to do the work to wholly transform the issue!  It sped up my healing and has kept me in a continual state of wellness since 2007! 

Cost for this life-changing workshop is $45.  Directions are given upon RSVP.
To register for either event, just email alice@healingpath.info.

Love & Light


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