New Advanced Chakra Teleconference

Hi everyone!
Next week I am unveiling a special teleconference event!  Whether you are able to join in live and experience the group energy, or listen to the recording at your convenience – I believe this work will resonate with you!
On Thursday, June 6th at 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET, I will be facilitating ‘Crystalline Chakras’ via teleconference.  Cost is $20.
In this work you will experience an energetic shift!  While in a meditative state, I will guide you to energetically pull back the personal power, love, and wisdom that you’ve given away throughout your life.  Why is this important?  Over the course of our lifetime, our interactions with others, we over-extend our energies by giving of ourselves to those that don’t reciprocate the energy exchange.  When this happens it pulls away at us, inhibiting our ability to be full of vitality.  Even worse, it affects the way our chakras function, limiting their (and our) ability to move into a higher state of consciousness.
What can be done about it?  This workshop will assist you in reclaiming your personal power, love, and wisdom that is missing from each chakra.  From there, we will work with the corresponding crystal energy of the reclaimed energies, bringing our chakras into alignment with the powerful 2012 crystalline energy.
This isn’t the clearing and maintenance chakra work that I offer in workshops and retreats – this is work to expand and propel your chakras!
To register for the live event or to register to listen to the recording, just reply to this email.
Love & Light

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