A few words on STRESS…

Stress is preventable and manageable!  When stress becomes chronic, people begin to have physical symptoms that go beyond mild headaches.  One of the best tools to reduce and prevent stress is meditation, and it is free!  All it takes is a commitment to engage in this self-healing activity on a regular basis.  Spending just 15-20 minutes in meditation a few times a week can have a huge impact on your immune system, attitude, morale, concentration, and calm center.  It also can lower blood pressure and decrease anxiety or depression.  Moreover, meditation enhances spiritual growth and your connection with God. 

One of the biggest contributors to stress is our own worries, doubting thoughts, and fears.  If your self-talk is not positive and affirming, it can trigger a stress response from your body, as well as make any existing stress much worse.  In meditation, the practice of focusing completely on your breathing takes your mind away from any ‘mind clutter’ and helps to eliminate unwanted emotions.  This naturally leads to a state of increased calmness that is beneficial to you and your body. 

Is stress ruling you? Contact me for a free consultation: 828-577-5623, or emailing alice@healingpath.info.


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  1. chinnie
    Jun 17, 2012 @ 07:54:58

    What is a heart wall? What causes a heart wall? How do you know you have it?


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