Summer Solstice Meditation with Healing Path and Alice McCall

 To celebrate the Summer Solstice, Healing Path with Alice McCall will be facilitating a special guided healing meditation on Wednesday, June 20th, 6-7pm CT via teleconference.

 “I wanted to celebrate the Summer Solstice in a unique way with friends, clients, and meditators from all over the world,” shares Alice McCall.

 On Wednesday, June 20th, 6-7pm CT McCall will lead a guided healing meditation via teleconference.  Participants from all over the world are able to attend from the comfort of their homes through the easy to use phone based teleconference system.

 “The meditation will help us energetically connect with the astrological significance of the longest day of the year, incorporating it into our being.  2012 is an important year, so get the most out of it by being connected with all of its energetic nuances,” states McCall.

 Meditation has long been used as a tool to balance the mind, body, spirit connection.  For people that have busy, always thinking minds, meditation is touted as an opportunity to slow down, listen to your inner voice, and minimize stress.

 McCall’s meditations feature a technique called toning.  Using her voice, she holds and sometimes manipulates a note.  She believes that each sound corresponds with specific energies or chakras.  “I’ve been told time and again how my toning during a meditation makes all the difference for someone’s experience.  I commonly hear from individual’s who have never been able to quiet their active mind and thoughts that my toning allows them to stay centered and in the moment of the meditation.”

 Cost of the meditation is $20 and RSVPs are required.  Questions or registrations can be directed to Alice McCall at 828-577-5623, or emailing

 Ms McCall holds a B.S. in Psychology and a MBA.  She is a Cellular Level Healing® Consultant, Spiritual Counselor, Hypnotist, and Author.  She works with the mind, emotion, and spiritual connection to the body in her practice.  Assisting with serious health issues is her specialty.  For more information on her popular book Wellness Wisdom, inspired by her own self-healing journey with breast cancer visit For more information on Alice and her practice Healing Path visit


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