MS Sufferer? Conquer Your Stress!

Stress isn’t good for anyone.  It simply isn’t healthy.  From emotional, mental, and even physical negative effects, stress alters all part of us.

A new study goes even further by linking the escalation of ill-health in those diagnosed with MS with stress.

Patients with multiple sclerosis who attended stress management therapy sessions for six months had fewer new brain lesions from disease flare-ups and slower disease progression during their treatment, Northwestern University researcher David C. Mohr, PhD, and colleagues found. via

Stress affects us in more ways than we will ever fully understand – but you can do something about it!  Stress is completely treatable – and removing stress from your life will impact the quality of your life!

Whether you try meditation, seek stress management, or bring more joyful balanace into your life – banishing stress is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself!


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