Free Events, New Article & More

Hi everyone!

I am very excited to share that I have a couple upcoming free events that I hope each of you will take advantage of!  The first is a special Pet Meditation (by teleconference and in-person) and the second is an Ascension 101 seminar by teleconference later in the year.

Would you prefer to attend regular monthly Guided Healing Meditation without pets?  Those are planned in the coming weeks as well: 7/29 NC and 8/7 teleconference.

And don’t forget, every month a new article goes up on my website.  I hope that this one speaks to you, it is about how to deal with trying times – even when you think you are doing everything ‘right’ to avoid them.

Why Pet Meditation?  It is an easy way to reinforce the special bond between people and their pets – while giving both of you the benefits of meditation!  Learn a new way to connect with your furry friends, and spend time together in a unique way.

Teleconference Event: On Monday, July 30th, 7-8pm ET / 6-7pm CT.  Participate from the comfort of your own home with your pet through the easy to use phone based teleconference system.  Dial in instructions after RSVP.

Hendersonville NC Event:  On Sunday, August 5th, 3-4pm ET.  Socialized, leashed pets are welcomed to attend with their owners.  Directions upon RSVP.

Don’t have a pet?  Or your pet isn’t able to join in-person?  Feel free to still RSVP for this free event by emailing!  All are welcome to attend and enjoy the benefits of Guided Healing Meditation for free!

To RSVP for any of these events, just reply to this email and I’ll be sure to save a spot for you.
Love & Light


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