A Healthier Gut for Less Anxiety?

This is a super interesting study!  The connectedness of our body and emotions never ceases to find new was to surprise!

A long-term goal is to determine whether eating probiotic products or taking probiotic supplements regularly can change the balance of bacteria in the gut and alter emotional response to stress and other negative stimuli, Tillisch says. Via http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/news/20120524/probiotics-exploring-the-gut-mind-connection

Probiotics make for a healthier gut – which in turn might make for a healthier emotional state.

Although the study itself is in the preliminary stages, it may be one more tool in our tool box to ward off stress and anxiety.

Of course, the best way to overcome the stress in our lives it to examine the root of it – reevaluating our reaction to stressful situations, changing our perspective, and clearing old patterns that hinder us.



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