Free Event on Ascension

Hi everyone!  Happy August!

I am happy to share that new article on my website.  It is about connecting with all that Mother Nature provides us.

My upcoming events have also been updated through September.  Make sure to mark your calendars for Month Guided Healing Meditations. 8/19 in Hendersonville NC and 9/11 via teleconference.

How about another free event?  Free Ascension 101 Seminar August 28th, 7-8pm ET / 6-7pm CT via teleconference.

Over the last couple years, words like ascension are being causally tossed around, without an understanding of the underlying meaning. This free seminar aims to sweep away the confusion and highlight the connection between the planetary and personal ascension process. It is designed to be an introduction or a review of the process.

Have you been asking yourself questions like: ‘Why is my energy low?  Why do I feel different?  Why is so much of my old life (friends, relationships, emotional issues) changing so rapidly?’  Your answers may be found within the 2012 ascension process.

The educational seminar will close with a guided healing meditation.  The meditation will help us energetically connect with the ascension energy, bringing it into our being.

If you are a familiar with the ascension process, or an ongoing member of my ascension meeting group, consider attending this event for a refresher of the corner stone’s of ascension principles.

This event is free and open to all who would like to participate; however RSVPs are required.  Reply to this email to confirm you attendance.

Love & Light


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