Upcoming Hendersonville North Carolina Events & More!

Hello! As we move into Fall sometimes it becomes a little more important to plan ahead, to make sure we are making time for ourselves. With that in mind, I am sharing my local North Carolina event schedule through the end of 2012: monthly guided healing meditations in Hendersonville and speaking engagements all highlighted in yellow. Also included are my upcoming teleconference events in which attendance at my Hendersonville healing space is welcomed, as well as from the comfort of your home. Please review, save the dates for events that interest you, and reply to this email to register now.

9/11 Monthly Healing Meditation – 7-8 EST (teleconference)
For this meditation we will be focusing on the energy of forgiveness, blessing, and unconditional love – releasing what is blocking us from attaining this as our way of being. Opening ourselves to expand it these energies and applying them to the 9/11 tragedy. $15

9/16 Hendersonville Monthly Healing Meditation: 4-5pm
Enhance your harmony and creativity with this meditation uniting you with the grand Canyon energies! It will be extremely uplifting on all levels! $15

9/21 Special Equinox Meditation Work – 5-6pm EST (teleconference)
The equinox marks the beginning of evolutionary energy process! You will want to be part of understanding, celebrating and benefiting from the powerful energy of this year’s equinox. $15

9/22 Ascension Meeting – 10:30am-1:30pm EST (teleconference)
Important info and inner work planned. I will be introducing you to a new Ascended Master who will be working energetically with us to enhance our ascension process. I am looking forward to sharing! $55

10/2 Monthly Healing Meditation – 7-8pm EST (teleconference)
Are you feeling exhausted or less motivated lately? This meditation will be targeting what you need to be in balance with the 2012 higher energies, supporting your body’s ability to maintain vital energy. We will also be doing an energy boost work; you will notice a definite boost to your energy level!!!! $15

10/11 Your Light Body – Merkaba – 7-9pm EST (teleconference)
This special event has been designed for those on the spiritual ascension path. Learn what your light body is, how to establish it, activate it, and program it. You will be guided to so in meditation state! Experiential. Definitely a must for moving to higher dimensional living! $25

10/14 Hendersonville Monthly Healing Meditation – 4-5pm
Meet with the spiritual elders and wisdom keepers of our NC mountains! Want ancient and powerful spiritual support and wisdom? This meditation work will establish that for you in a way that you will be able to tap into it on an ongoing basis! $15

10/20 Leaf Fest, Black Mountain. I’ll be speaking on Saturday “Message of Hope: Overcoming Cancer Holistically”
“Message of Hope” combines information about my journey with breast cancer and the spiritual nature of all healing journeys. It’s followed by a guided healing meditation utilizing my unique toning technique. The aim of the meditation is for each person to uncover what is getting in their way of achieving total health, peace, and wellbeing.

10/24 Heart Wisdom, Mills River Unity, NC – 7-8:30pm
Free talk. All welcome. Be inspired to listen to and follow your heart! Join author Learn how to recognize, trust and use heart wisdom for the gift that it truly is. The talk will be followed by a powerful healing meditation, in which attendees are brought to their heart to receive pertinent information and guidance meant just for them.

11/1 Heart Healing & Guidance, Hendersonville – 7-8pm EST
A practical hour of guided deep work with your heart. You will practice/experience receiving wisdom from your heart as well as healing with your heart! $15

11/3 Ascension Meeting – 10:30am-1:30pm EST $55 (teleconference)

11/12/12 Monthly Healing Meditation – 7-8pm EST (teleconference)
Content will be designed to support current environment. $15

12/12/12 Special Meditation Event – 7-8:30pm EST (teleconference)
Celebrate the special energies of this very special day in a guided meditation setting. $20

12/21 Solstice Meditation – Birthing our New Earth – 5-6:30pm EST $20 (teleconference)

12/30 Hendersonville Monthly Healing Meditation Free – 4-5pm
My holiday gift this year will be a free guided healing meditation!



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