Healing Path Presents a New Teleconference Event Featuring Alice McCall

On Thursday, October 11th 6-8pm CT Alice McCall will be facilitating ‘Your Light Body – Merkaba’ via teleconference.  Attendees will learn what their light body is, along with how to establish, activate, and program it.


On Thursday, October 11th 6-8pm CT Alice McCall will be facilitating ‘Your Light Body – Merkaba’ via teleconference.  Alice McCall will guide attendees to integrate sound, light, energy, and transformative breathwork to activate the inner light body.


“With negative people, environments, and experiences present, many are looking for ways to gain fuller support in their spiritual journey.  Our activated light body can be this support; helping to clear mental and emotional obstacles, and open the path of full ascension,” states McCall.


McCall believes: “Merkabah is an electromagnetic energy field that exists around you and every living thing throughout the Universe.  When the Merkabah is activated within and around you, it results in a deeper connection with your higher self and God.  It also offers exceptional energetic protection.”


McCall will accomplish the teleconference work within a deep guided healing meditation state.


The meeting takes place via teleconference, allowing participants from all over the world to participate via a phone call.  Attend from the comfort of your home through the easy to use phone based teleconference system.  Call in details are shared upon registration.


Registrations or questions can be directed to Alice McCall at 828-577-5623, or emailing alice@healingpath.info.  Cost is $25.

Ms McCall holds a B.S. in Psychology and a MBA.  She is a Cellular Level Healing Consultant, Spiritual Counselor, Hypnotist, and Author.  She works with the mind, emotion, and spiritual connection to the body in her practice.  Assisting with serious health issues is her specialty.  For more information on her popular book Wellness Wisdom, inspired by her own self-healing journey with breast cancer visit http://www.WellnessWisdomHealing.com.  For more information on Alice and her practice Healing Path visit http://www.healingpath.info.


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