11/1 Workshop – Heart Healing and Guidance in Hendersonville North Carolina

Hi everyone!

Just a friendly reminder that I have a great event coming up on Thursday November 1st at my healing space in Hendersonville.  Heart Healing & Guidance is a practical hour of guided deep work with your heart.  You will practice and experience receiving wisdom from your heart as well as healing with your heart!  7-8pm.  Cost is only $15.

You may have attended one of my talks about heart centered living, or read one of my articles (like this one: http://healingpath.info/article_march11.htm) covering the importance of listening to your heart.  But the question is how? How does one connect with their heart for pure guidance and healing assistance?

In this event each participant will be guided to do just that!  We will experience the incredible power that is our own hearts while in a deep meditative state.

In Heart Healing & Guidance we will do the work!  Attendees will learn tools and practices that they can use to access with endless inner wisdom of their hearts; whenever they need support.  This is a how-to, experiential event.

To RSVP your spot, please reply to this email.  Event takes place at my healing space, just minutes from downtown Hendersonville.

Love & Light


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