February Events & New Article

There is a new article up on my website: http://healingpath.info/article_jan13.htm

It features 8 tips for living in our changing world.  I hope that the article offers a new perspective or serves as a reminder on steps we can take to create the joyful life we all desire.  Also check out my news section for some recent photos and activity with the great outdoors!

Starting February I will be making a slight change in my Guided Healing Meditations; both events will be open to in-person, live via teleconference, and recorded teleconference calls.  RSVP is still required, and please let me know your participation preference at that time.  Just email alice@healingpath.info to register.

Tuesday February 5th 6-7 CT, 7-8 ET.  $15

Be guided to tackle relationship wounds from the past and present.  A healing experience for both your body and your heart.   Relationship wounds tend to be deep, penetrating and hard to thoroughly release.  Even with inner work, residual energy can remain.  This gets In the way being able to realize your spiritual potential and vital health for your body.  You will leave feeling open and uplifted!

Sunday February 24th 3-4CT, 4-5pm ET.  $15

You heart is your compass for living with allowing and unconditional love.  Unfortunately your heart is a bodily organ that can hold onto LOTS of negative emotions and experiences, blocking your ability to access its full potential.  Bring balance to the heart and the heart chakra!  We will transform your blockages, allowing you to move into a place of forgiveness, allowing, and love.  My spiritual guidance has directed me to understand that one can never do enough work on the heart and heart chakra.  No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, this meditation is for you!

Love & Light



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