Equinox, Spring Energies, and Meditation

Hi everyone!


I have some great events coming up and I just want to remind you that all teleconference events can be attended either as a live participant or by listening to the recorded call at your convenience.  Those that want to listen to the event after the fact, are given a special code that allows them access to the event whenever is best for them, anytime of the day or night.  Just email me at alice@healingpath.info to RSVP to listen to the recording!  It is that easy!


Support your feet with a special guided healing meditation!  Negative energy tends to get stuck in our feet. This meditation will help clear a lifetime of lingering negatively that might be stored in your feet – impacting your physical and spiritual forward movement.  Sunday March 17th, 4-5pm ET / 3-4pm CT.  $15.   Attend in-person, live via teleconference, or listen to the event recording.


Spring Equinox Meditation.  The Spring Equinox always represents the shift from darkness into light, moving out of winter and into the summer months.  This equinox will mark a time of pivotal change, both personal and global.  Be a part of anchoring these changes and fully integrating them into your being and the earth.  Wednesday, March 20th, 7-8:30pm ET / 6-7:30pm CT.  $20.  Attend in-person, live via teleconference, or listen to the event recording.


I hope that you enjoy the new article on my website: http://healingpath.info/article.htm
It is about embracing nature’s message to us.  I hope it inspires you to connect with Spring’s energies as they come to play.


And a friendly reminder that we will be moving into Daylight Savings Time on 3/10.  Don’t forget to change your clocks!


Love & Light



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