Special Meditations – New Article – And A New Adventure!

Hi everyone!


In case you haven’t heard the news, I’m currently enjoying an extended stay in Palm Beach Florida.  All events will continue as planned – and I’ve got some great ones planned that I hope you will join me for.  To read more about why I’m on this adventure follow this link: http://healingpath.info/news.htm.


There is a new article up on the website that I hope you enjoy.  It is about what happens when you change and the positive ripples it can create in the world around you. http://healingpath.info/article.htm


I’ll have two teleconference meditations this month, both with a special topic planned.  Just RSVP to confirm your attendance by emailing alice@healingpath.info.  Attendance can occur either during the live call or you can listen to a recording of the call that is available 24 x 7.  Just let me know your preference when you RSVP.  Guided healing meditations are $15.


Tuesday April 16th 6-7pm CT / 7-8pm ET
Emotional Release Meditation – A guided healing meditation journey to release deeply held negative emotions, freeing your body of the burden.


Sunday April 28th 3-4pm CT / 4-5pm ET

Energy Boost Meditation –  A guided healing meditation to increase the proper production and flow of your body’s energy.


Love & Light



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