New Healing Directions! New Article! New Events!

Hi everyone!

I am excited to share a new addition to my transformative work! I believe this will have a big impact on our ability to living a vibrant healthy life as we age chronologically, and support the vibration necessary to moving into a higher level of consciousness. I debuted it in a guided healing meditation on July 28th. If you would like to listen to the recording of that meditation, just let me know. (All my teleconference events are recorded so you can listen after the fact, for the same fee as attending the live event. For most meditations, including this one, it is $15.)

How is Cell Level Renewal different from Cellular Level Healing?

Cellular Level Healing discovers the mental emotional component that is lodged in the cellular memory. It is then transmuted and transformed so the body can rebound – completed with subconscious/unconscious reprogramming.

Cell Level Renewal focuses on the actual working components of the cellular structure that are important for ongoing renewal. This prevents aging, illness, and so much more. Working with the functions and health of the mitochondria, and all its parts is powerful for how we feel!

Cell Level Healing is about transforming an existing problem – while Cell Level Renewal takes it a step further. Once the cellular memory is healed, we can start supporting the structure and function of the cells to be strong, vital, and successful. This expansion of my work will prepare our body’s for multidimensional living.

If you have any questions about this new addition to my work and how it can help you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I also posted a new article on my website today. It is about how to fully handle the divide of being a pure perfect spiritual in an imperfect physical form.

Place of Origin Guided Healing Meditation
Live Event Tuesday August 6th 6-7pm CT / 7-8pm ET $15
Travel to your place of origin in the Universe. Gain a stronger connection and alignment with who you really are!

Don’t Forget to RSVP for Past Life Exploration – Part One
Live Event Wednesday August 14th 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET $20
The first of a four part series. Tap into the lives that have the greatest impact on you currently. Integrate this wisdom into your present being – making it an energetic part of you!

Did you know that each of us have four past lives that serve as our primary support in this life? In this series you will be guided to fully ingrate these experiences, skills, knowledge, capabilities and wisdom into your present being! If you have been looking for the next step forward on your path to spiritual growth – this work offers an exciting opportunity.

I am very excited to be sharing this unique work with you!

And remember, all events can be attended in-person in Lake Worth, live via teleconference, or via recorded call to listen to at your convenience. Just reply to this email to register for these events!

Visit to learn about my other upcoming events – including a FREE event later in August!

Love & Light


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